Cultivating Diverse Talent

Commerce Bank is dedicated to investing in its employees by creating opportunities for them to develop both professionally and personally. We utilize external and internal leadership development programs as well as mentoring to create and expand leadership opportunities for diverse talent.

Some of the external leadership development programs that we support our employees participation in are;

St. Louis Business Diversity Initiative Fellows Program

A program designed to address the interests and challenges of professionals of color as they work to develop and advance their careers. The program approach includes mastering an effective style of leadership, maximizing performance and adapting to change, developing talent and fostering a productive team amongst other competencies.

The Central Exchange

Officially formed in 1980, The Central Exchange is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing a wide variety of personal and professional development and networking opportunities for women. The organization also focuses on fostering community service and business leadership amongst women.

FOCUS St. Louis Women In Leadership Program

Since 1981, this five-month, part-time training program has given women the opportunity to refine their leadership competencies, learn about the community, and connect with other women from diverse backgrounds who care about community issues.

Latino Leadership Institute

The Latino Leadership Institute is a skills-based leadership training program targeted at young Hispanic professionals. The program consists of nine training sessions conducted once a month, each focused on training young Hispanic professionals on for-profit and non-profit management skills and network development within the business community.

EOE Equal Opportunity Employer


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