Petroleum Solution

Today more than ever before, the ability to accept fleet cards as a payment form is important to maintain sales and grow your business. If you want to compete for General Services Administration (GSA) fleet business, you must be able to accept Voyager® cards. A Petroleum Solution from Commerce Bank enables your business to accept a variety of payment methods.

Benefits of Petroleum Processing

Adapts to Your Business

  • Supports numerous point-of-sale hardware and software configurations
  • Meets requirements of the major hardware and software providers

Offers Your Customers More Ways to Pay

  • Enables you to accept most widely used forms of payment including credit cards, ATM and PIN-secured debit cards and EBT
  • Allows you to accept fleet cards including Visa® fleet, MasterCard® fleet, Voyager and Wright Express®

Process Sales Quickly, Accurately and Securely

  • Reliable, high-performance payment solution
  • Variety of connectivity options
  • Shorter customer wait times – average payment authorization takes just seconds

Complete Service and Support

  • Experienced customer service professionals

View the Commerce Bank Petroleum PDF for additional information.

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