Savings Account How-To's

Making Deposits

You can make deposits in person, or electronically.

In person: Just follow the same procedures as for a checking account deposit. You'll find deposit slips in the back of your savings account book.

At an ATM: If you have ATM card access to your savings account, you can make deposits at an ATM.

  1. Take the deposit envelope from the front of the ATM. No deposit slip is required
  2. Write the amount of your deposit on the outside of the envelope and then seal it with your cash and/or endorsed checks inside (note: you can't deposit coins into an ATM)
  3. Insert or swipe your ATM or debit card
  4. Enter your PIN
  5. Choose "Deposit"
  6. Select the account into which you wish to make the deposit
  7. Using the keypad, enter the amount of your deposit
  8. Take your receipt and your card, and record your deposit in your savings account book

Electronically: You can use direct deposits or online banking to make deposits into your savings account.

Direct deposit:

  • If your paycheck is directly deposited into your checking account, your employer may be able to deposit a portion of your pay into your savings account.
  • Or, you can have your whole paycheck deposited into your savings account. Just provide your employer with your bank's routing number and your savings account number.

Making Transfers

Online or by phone: You can transfer funds between accounts online
One time transfer - If you have money in checking that you want to move to savings, you can do a one-time transfer.
Recurring transfer - You can also set up your accounts to regularly transfer a specific dollar amount from checking to savings.

Making Withdrawals

You can withdraw money from your savings account directly, or transfer money to your checking account and then withdraw it.

In person: Just complete a withdrawal slip and present it to the teller at your nearest branch.

At an ATM: If you have debit card access to your savings account, you can make withdrawals at an ATM.

  1. Insert your ATM card or debit card
  2. Enter your PIN
  3. Choose "Withdrawal"
  4. Select the account from which you wish to withdraw funds
  5. Using the keypad, enter the amount you wish to withdraw
  6. Take your cash, your receipt and your card, and record your withdrawal in your savings account register


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