Money 101: Tips for Managing your Money

  1. Carefully consider all of your college financing options. Keep in mind student loan payments will impact your financial future.
  2. Be aware of the debt you owe whether it is a car loan, credit cards or student loans.
  3. Always pay your bills on time and in full in order to maintain a decent credit score.
  4. Track all your spending for a month and then make a budget.
  5. Get in the habit of saving even if it means setting aside $10 a month.
  6. Take advantage of student discounts in your college town and online.
  7. Plan ahead and save for special events such as spring break or a large purchase such as a new computer.
  8. Do research on your major and career choice to know what the potential earnings for that job are after graduation.
  9. Seek the help of your bank when you have personal financial questions.
  10. Take charge of your finances and be responsible with your money. It will literally pay off!


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