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Michaels Stores, Inc. Security Incident

Commerce Bank is aware of the data security incident involving Michaels Stores, Inc. and is taking appropriate measures to help protect our customers. At this time, account holders do not need to call Commerce Bank to learn whether they are impacted. If we discover that your card was involved in the incident, we will separately notify you and reissue your card. Also, Michaels has posted on its website which stores were compromised and when. For further information about this data security incident, please visit

How can I find out whether my card was affected?

  • Commerce Bank is investigating the Michaels data security incident to determine how it affects our customers. The Commerce Bank security team is on call 24/7, even during the holiday, to monitor accounts for suspicious activity. However, we strongly encourage you to monitor your account(s) online and to promptly and carefully review your monthly statements. If you have further questions regarding your card, please call (855) 537-2632.

Should I reset my PIN?

  • As of April 18, 2014, Michaels has indicated that they do not believe any card PIN information was compromised. While you are welcome to reset your PIN at any time, it does not appear at this time that resetting your PIN is necessary as a result of this incident.

Should I cancel my card?

  • There is no need to cancel your card. Commerce Bank has software and processes that monitor your accounts for suspicious activity, and if we determine your account is as risk, we will reissue your card. Commerce Bank has a Zero Liability Policy that helps protect you, so that in the event any unauthorized purchases occur on your credit or debit card account, you will be fully reimbursed so long as you notify us within 60 days of receipt of the account statement that contains the unauthorized activity. Please notify Commerce Bank immediately if you see any unauthorized activity by calling (866) 598-8925.

Is Commerce Bank going to reissue my card?

  • The Commerce Bank security team is constantly monitoring account activity, and if we determine that your account is at risk, we will notify you and reissue your card(s).

Is my information safe at Commerce Bank?

  • The security incident occurred at Michaels Stores Inc. (and its subsidiary Aaron Brothers) and not Commerce Bank. Nevertheless, we are actively monitoring card accounts for potential fraud and there is no need for you to take any action at this time other than monitoring your accounts.

Is my identity at risk?

  • Based on Michaels’ statements as of April 18th, 2014 regarding the type of data that was compromised, an identity thief would not have enough personal information to steal affected cardholders’ identities. However, besides attempting fraudulent card transactions, the compromised data could be used in social engineering or phishing scams as a means to trick the victim into providing more valuable information, which could then place the victim’s identity at risk. As always, be cautious about what information you give and who you give it to. For more information, please visit

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