Important Disclosures about Automatic Bill Payment

  1. Eligibility. All Customers who have credit cards or debit cards from Commerce Bank in good standing will be eligible to participate.
  2. Disclaimer. Commerce Bank does not warrant any of the products or services from indicated Service Providers or other products or services in any Automatic Bill Payment plan that utilizes a Commerce Bank credit card or debit card.
  3. Service Provider Disputes. Reference your Commerce Bank credit card or debit card agreement for dispute information.
  4. Canceling a Service Provider. If you no longer wish to have a Service Provider bill your Commerce Bank credit card or debit card, simply contact the Service Provider to cancel. It is your responsibility to make sure the charge is canceled. Closing your account will not stop the recurring automatic payment.
  5. Account Closure. If you close your credit card or debit card account, exceed your credit limit, or lose charging privileges, you must contact your Service Provider to make alternate payment arrangements.