Automatic Bill Payment FAQs

What is Automatic Bill Payment?

Automatic Bill Payment is an arrangement between a merchant or service provider and a customer that allows recurring automatic charges for a service to be paid for by an agreed-upon credit card or debit card account.

What do I do if I receive a new credit card or debit card and the account number has changed?

Call your service provider and give them the new card number and expiration date to ensure that your payment is processed.

How much does it cost to set up an Automatic Bill Payment plan?

Commerce Bank does not charge for the service of Automatic Bill Payment. Although most service providers and merchants do not charge to enroll or participate in their automatic payment programs, complete details can be obtained from each service provider.

Can I use my Commerce Bank credit card or debit card to set up an Automatic Bill Payment plan for my quarterly and annual payments in addition to monthly payments?

Yes, all recurring payments — whether monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually — are eligible.

How do I cancel my Automatic Bill Payment plan?

To cancel a transaction that is automatically charged to your credit card or check card, contact the service provider and cancel your enrollment in their automatic payment program (contact the service provider for complete details). Some merchants require advance notice to discontinue automatic payments, so don't forget to allow extra time for any changes to your payment service.

When do my bills get paid?

To ensure that your payments arrive before a due date and to avoid late payment charges, work with merchants directly to select the best pre-determined date for your payments. You should continue to pay your bills directly until your merchant informs you that the automatic payment has been established.

What if the credit card or check card I use for Automatic Bill Payment is updated, lost or stolen?

Immediately report a lost or stolen card to Commerce Bank. To avoid service interruption on Automatic Bill Payment, provide merchants with your new card information as soon as possible.


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