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mySpending Card™

mySpending Card™

The mySpending Card™ is a reloadable prepaid Visa® card that can help you manage your money. Just load it with the amount you need, then use it for online shopping, your child's allowance, holiday spending or to keep your spending money separate from your checking account. Use it anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted.

It's the convenient way to manage your money and it's easy to load and easy to use!

Applying is easy! Purchase online if you plan to fund with a Commerce debit or credit card, or visit your nearest Commerce Bank Branch.

Card Purchase Fee
  • $5.95 (additional $2.00 per Secondary/Additional Card)
Min. Opening Load
  • $20
Monthly Service Charge
  • $0
Load Options
Load and Balance Limits
  • Minimum load amount: $20, unless funds are loaded by direct deposit or other ACH transaction2
  • Maximum load amount: $1,500 per day/$3,000 per rolling 7-day period, unless funds are loaded by direct deposit or other ACH transaction2
  • Maximum Card balance: $3,000, unless funds are loaded by direct deposit or other ACH transaction2
Spending and Withdrawal Limits
  • Maximum spending limit: $3,000 per day/$10,000 per month
  • Maximum cash withdrawal limit: $1,000 per day/$1,500 per rolling 7- day period
  • Unlimited Commerce ATM transactions
Online Services
  • Online account access to Card account information and transaction history
  • Balance updates via text alerts - 100 free per month3
Additional Features
  • Visa Zero Liability protection if your Card is lost or stolen4
  • FDIC Insured5
  • Automated phone service - 1 call per week at no charge; $.50 per call thereafter
  • Live customer service - First 5 calls per calendar year at no charge; $1.50 per call thereafter
Statement Options
  • E-Statement - Free
  • Paper Statement - $3 per month


Please refer to the mySpending Card™ Fee Schedule for more information.

1 Automated Phone Service Call Fee may apply if loading Card via phone.
2 ACH transactions can include, but are not limited to, direct deposit of payroll, government benefits and tax refunds.
3 First 100 texts per month at no charge, then $0.15 per text. Standard text rates/web access charges from your wireless phone provider may apply; see your wireless phone provider for details.
4 The Visa Zero Liability policy covers U.S.-issued cards only and does not apply to ATM transactions, PIN transactions not processed by Visa or certain commercial card transactions. Cardholder must notify Commerce immediately of any unauthorized use.
5 The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. insures each depositor to at least $250,000.
  • To send an email that contains confidential information, please visit the Secure Message Center where there are additional instructions about whether to use Secure Email or Online Banking messaging.