Other Banking Services

Money Orders and Cashier's Checks

Money orders are available to both Commerce customers and non-customers for a nominal fee. Cashier's Checks are available to Commerce Customers for a fee as well. Please check with your local branch for a current listing of fees. Select locations in Kansas City and St. Louis also provide foreign bank drafts for a fee. You must be a Commerce customer as the funds are directly debited from your Commerce account. Call your local branch for availability and fees.

Direct Deposit

  • Fast and hassle-free deposit of your paycheck or federal government checks directly into your checking and/or savings account
  • Saves you time
  • More secure and reliable than postal mail
  • Helps prevent identity theft
  • Contact your employer’s payroll department – use our Direct Deposit Authorization Form to make it easier

Safe Deposit Boxes

Commerce Bank offers safe deposit boxes to customers as a secure way to store valuables and other personal possessions. Safe deposit boxes provide peace of mind because they are maintained within a bank and because they can only be accessed when the customer is present with their key AND a bank employee is present with the bank’s guard key.

If you’re interested in a “safe” place for your valuables, please visit your local branch, and your Commerce Banker will be happy to speak with you about a safe deposit box. Boxes are priced by size.


  • To send an email that contains confidential information, please visit the Secure Message Center where there are additional instructions about whether to use Secure Email or Online Banking messaging.