Federal Student Loan Repayment Examples

The terms of your loan can vary depending on automatic payments, Loan Servicer, type of loan, interest rates, and amount borrowed. Use the tables below to give you an idea of your possible payments.

10-Year Repayment Example

Shows sample payments for various Stafford Loan amounts on a Standard Repayment schedule with a 10-year repayment period at the interest rate of 6.80%.*

Total Amount Borrowed Current Monthly Payment
(based on 6.80%)*
$5,000 $57.54
$10,000 $115.08
$15,000 $172.62
$20,000 $230.16
$25,000 $287.70
$30,000 $345.24
$35,000 $402.78

Important Disclaimers:

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