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Online Schedule

Commerce Brokerage Services, Inc.
(Effective Date 01/01/09)

Note: Commissions and fees subject to change without notice.

Trade Type Commission Rate
Online Trades $29.95 per transaction up to 1,000 shares
Trades More Than 1,000 Shares $29.95 plus 3 cents per share over 1,000 shares
Limit Order and Stop Orders An additional $5.00 per order
All orders executed on the same stock on the same side in the same day shall be calculated as one order.
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Stocks priced less than $1.00
Commission: 4% of the principal amount
All trades are subject to $39.00 minimum
All orders executed on the same stock on the same side in the same day shall be calculated as one order.
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Dollar Amount of Transaction Commission Rate
$0 - 2,999 $40 + 1.1% of dollar amount
$3,000 - 9,999 $40 + .8% of dollar amount
$10,000 - and over $40 + .7% of dollar amount
Minimum option commission: 1-10 contracts, $4.00 per contract; 11 contracts and over, $3.00 per contract.
Maximum commission: $40.00 per contract on the first two contracts plus $4.00 per contract thereafter.
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Mutual Funds
Loads established by prospectus, read carefully before investing.
No-load funds are subject to the following transaction fees:
$40 per purchase
$20 per sale
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Premium Asset Management Account Fees
Accounts valued less than $100,000: $6.00 per month
Accounts valued over $100,000: no charge
Accounts are valued on the last business day of the month.
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Miscellaneous Fees
Stock Transfer to Agent: $25.00 per issue
Stock Transfer w/ delivery of physical cert: $125.00* per issue
Legal Transfer/Re-registration: $50.00 per issue
Photocopies of statements or confirms: $5.00 per copy
Wire Transfer Fee: $25.00 per wire
Inactive Custody Fee: $35.00 per year
Full Account Transfer: $50.00
Partial Account Transfer: $30.00
Stop Payment Fee: $20.00 per check
Returned Check Fee: $20.00
Trade Extension Fee: $10.00
Restricted Stock/Legend Removal: $250.00
Account Research: $20.00 per security
Physical Reorganization: $25.00 (Voluntary and Mandatory)
Transaction Fee: $3.00 per transaction
A transaction is a purchase or sale of a stock, bond, or option. Mutual funds and UITs are excluded.
*Dependent on availability by T/A to issue certificates.
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Retirement Account Fees:
(Traditional, Rollover, Roth, SEP, Simple, Money Purchase and Profit Sharing Plans)
Annual Fee †: $35.00
Termination Fee: $75.00
† CBSI may subsidize a portion or all of the NFS Maintenance Fee as described in the "Annual Retirement Maintenance Fee Addendum" provided under separate cover.
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