Specialty Retirement Planning Services

When you're well-to-do, retirement planning involves much more than just making your funds last as long as you do. Do any of these frustrations sound familiar to you?

  • More capital than opportunity – The affluent, especially owners of closely held businesses, frequently complain that annual contribution limits for qualified plans don't allow them to set aside as much for retirement as they'd like.
  • More coordination required – Many wealthy individuals own not one but several different types of retirement plans that must be carefully coordinated to avoid tax penalties. And the wealthy are more likely to own stock from their employer in at least one of those plans - a situation that usually demands careful planning to prevent erosion by taxes.
  • A different agenda – Affluent persons may not need the income a qualified plan can generate after retirement and often would prefer to gift the plan's assets to future generations. Unfortunately, regulations that make distributions mandatory after age 70 1/2 can play havoc with this agenda.

Count on Our Experience

Over the past several decades, The Commerce Trust Company has developed specialized capabilities in the areas of retirement planning that matter most to wealthy individuals. In addition to our experience in managing assets both before and after retirement, we can provide guidance on a wide range of topics, including:

  • How to Increase Your Tax-Deferred Investing for Retirement
  • How to Control the Tax Liabilities Associated With Retirement Plans
  • How to Earmark Retirement Plan Assets for Estate Planning Purposes


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