Trust Services

When it comes to protecting and transferring assets, trusts are among the most valuable tools available to you. Within certain limits set by law, trusts allow you remarkable flexibility in how you use and disburse assets while living and after death. A trust can help you control your financial destiny by:

  • Reducing taxes
  • Providing for family, friends and/or charities
  • Keeping your personal financial matters out of the public eye
  • Simplifying your life

Commerce Trust has nearly nine decades of experience working with legal and tax advisors to help craft trusts that meet our clients' personal needs and circumstances, as well as administering trusts of all types. Our trust administrators have extensive knowledge of estate and tax-planning issues along with an in-depth understanding of the many ways a trust can help you achieve your charitable-giving goals.

Living Trusts: The Solution to Several Challenges
How can you make someone else legally responsible for managing your assets, and providing you income, while you're living? Learn More >>


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