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Highlights from our community investment work

A green heart within a yellow circle connects to two rectangles.

The first rectangle is light green with a clock inside it. The text within this square says, "More than 36,500 hours available volunteer time for team members."

The second rectangle is dark green. The text within this rectangle says, "More than 500 nonprofit organizations supported by team members in leadership roles, including Board membership."

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Chart descriptions

Highly Engaged and Enabled Teams based on 2022 Team Member Survey by Korn Ferry

  Commerce U.S. High-Performing Norm
Engagement 81% 71%
Enablement 80% 70%

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Highlights from our recent DEI efforts

Women 2022 Workforce
Executive Management Committee1 21%  
Executive/Senior Management 27% 45%
Mid-Level Management & Supervisors 55% 51%
All Team Members 58% 54%

People of Color 2022 Workforce
Executive Management Committee1 7%  
Executive/Senior Management 4% 12%
Mid-Level Management & Supervisors 14% 17%
All Team Members 22% 20%
Team Member Representation by Generation  
Generation Z 10%
Millennials 40%
Generation X 34%
Baby Boomers 16%
Team Member Representation by Tenure  
Less than 1 year 16%
1 to 5 years 33%
5 to 15 years 28%
More than 15 years 24%

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Information as of 12/31/2022, except where noted. Workforce availability is a weighted average based on job type and region.

The workforce availability data used for the calculation is provided by a third-party vendor and is based on U.S. Census data.

  1. In January 2021, Commerce Bancshares, Inc., announced the addition of the Enterprise Digital Strategy leadership role to the Executive Management Committee. The graphic reflects the announcement. Data for workforce availability is not available for Executive Management Committee.