Corporate Governance

Commerce maintains corporate governance standards designed to ensure compliance with all laws and regulations. Commerce believes that sound corporate governance practices are vital in order to be considered an ethical and socially responsible business.

For Commerce, corporate governance begins with its Corporate Governance Guidelines. The Guidelines were adopted by the Commerce Bancshares' Board of Directors which consists of twelve directors, including ten who are independent, non-executive members. The Guidelines, together with the Commerce Code of Ethics and other policies, form the core of the governance standards for Commerce. The Guidelines, the Code of Ethics, the Code of Ethics for Senior Financial Officers, the Related Party Transaction Policy and the charters of the Audit and Risk Committee, Committee on Governance/Directors and the Compensation and Human Resources Committee may be viewed at

Corporate Governance Guidelines [PDF]
Audit And Risk Committee Charter [PDF]
Committee on Governance / Directors Charter [PDF]
Compensation and Human Resources Committee Charter [PDF]
Corporate Code of Ethics [PDF]
Code of Ethics for Senior Financial Officers [PDF]
Related Party Transaction Policy [PDF]