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Business Banking Cards

Handle business expenses like a pro.

Business banking cards that make it easy to manage your expenses and keep tabs on business spending so you can focus on where your business is headed.
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CommercePayments® AP Card

CommercePayments® AP Card works with your existing accounting system and provides an opportunity to earn monthly revenue share by simply replacing paper checks with electronic payments through the card networks.

Commerce Bank Business Rewards Credit Card

Business Rewards Card

Take care of business finances while earning points on merchandise, airline miles, gift cards and more.

Commerce Bank Business Platinum Credit Card

Business Platinum Rewards Card

The best choice if your employees use petty cash or purchase business-related items with their cards.

Commerce Bank Commercial Card

Commercial Card

Bring Purchasing and Travel & Entertainment programs together while getting access to special business tools that help you stay in control.

Commerce Bank Corporate Card

Corporate Card

Easily manage travel and entertainment expenses while reducing the need for employee reimbursement. 

Commerce Bank Purchasing Card

Purchasing Card

Improve your control over business spending while streamlining purchasing and payment processes.

Prepaid Expense Card Image

Prepaid Expense Card

Allow employees to easily access funds from their company or sponsor, with easy loading and unloading for complete spending management.

Direct Check Card Image

DirectCheck Card

A low-cost alternative to paper checks that lets you pay your employees through direct deposit.

Business Visa Debit Card Image

Business Visa® Debit Card

For maximum financial control, your Business Visa Debit Card is a great way to pay.  

Commerce Bank Business Gift Card

Gift Cards for Business Orders

Say thanks for a Commerce Bank Visa® Gift Card1 or use it to deliver bonuses and incentives.

Card Members

Manage you business expenses when it's convenient, no matter where you are.

  • Access Rewards

  • See Activity

  • Make Payments

  • Get Statements

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Loans to handle the heavy lifting

Get the funds you need to take the next step. Equipment loans, real estate financing, lines of credit and more.

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