Commerce Bank Remittance Processing RemitConnect®: You Focus on Patients, We'll Focus on Payments

Today’s healthcare providers are charged with improving the quality of patient care while also increasing back-office efficiencies. With RemitConnect®, Commerce Bank offers technology for healthcare providers to automate manual remittance processing activities and streamline their revenue cycle, making more time for patient care.

Automate your insurance claim processing. Commerce Bank RemitConnect® gives you enhanced capabilities:

  • Converts paper EOBs to ERAs

  • Reconciles EFTs to ERAs

  • Maps claim adjustment reason codes by payer

  • Automates patient payment posting

  • Routes correspondence and denials via paperless workflows

  • Segregates bundled remittances into separate ERAs

  • Provides robust online access to searchable documents

  • Transmits indexed image files to provider's document imaging technology

Benefits of RemitConnect®

  • Offers automated routing of remittances to multiple patient accounting systems

  • Provides visibility of claim-to-payment life cycle with seven years of archived data

  • Offers scalability and efficiency in back office

  • Improves patient satisfaction

  • Automates manual posting and reconciliation processes

  • Improves accuracy

  • Creates a paperless back office

  • Reduces response time for correspondence and denials

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