Take the stress out of managing your business’ finances with BodeTree, an online financial management tool.

Managing your small business’ finances is easier than you think with BodeTree. The tool instantly organizes all of your financial information in one place — from your Commerce small business bank accounts, to credit cards and accounting data held elsewhere — giving you real-time insight to what’s happening in your business.

With BodeTree’s suite of built-in tracking and analytics, you can manage your business’ finances quickly and easily. Setup is simple — we’ll help walk you through a one-time sync of your online business bank accounts and you’re ready to go.

BodeTree will aggregate your financial information so you can:

  • uncover trends in your business
  • see available industry comparisons
  • set strategic goals and monitor your progress
  • generate professional financial reports in minutes
  • explore funding options, all in one place.

Whether you’re a startup, growing or an established organization, the Education Center within BodeTree provides resources for understanding your business’ finances. Further enhance your business’ performance utilizing our Solutions Center, which covers all things business such as planning, marketing, strategy and financial risk management.

Begin improving the financial health of your business through a better understanding of its financials for just $5 per month. Join today and enjoy BodeTree for two months free. To join, you must have:

  • A Commerce Bank Small Business Checking Account.
    Don’t have one? Click here to learn more about our checking accounts; and
  • Access to Small Business Online Banking.
    Need to sign up for Small Business Online Banking? Enroll now.

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