Commercial Card

Commercial Cards

Cards CommerceVantage(R)

Simplify payments. Control spending.

Manage Purchasing and T&E programs on a single platform.

  • Increase spending control

  • Reduce check-writing costs

  • Streamline procurement

This program has been very lucrative for Millers. There is the obvious impact to our bottom line profit (our monthly rebate), but there are also many hidden savings.

Simplify payments and control spending with CommerceVantage® Commercial Cards. Bring Purchasing and Travel & Entertainment programs together on a single platform.

CommerceVantage® Commercial Cards offer solutions for purchasing, commercial and corporate plastics. With our card programs your company can define and implement spending controls that put dollar limits, transaction limits and purchasing restrictions in place. Our Reporting and Management Tools make it easier to manage your budget, cash flow and employee spending. Our Fraud Prevention and Protection tools monitor your accounts for specific types of transactions and fraudulent activities.

Here are some tools that will help control cardholder activity while reducing the risk of fraud and/or card misuse.

Discover what CommerceVantage® can do for your business.

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