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AP Automation Survey

AP Automation Survey Report

Accounts payable automation aims to help AP departments increase efficiency in processing invoices and payments, freeing up labor for other crucial tasks within the organization.

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Transforming Accounts Payable

Transforming Accounts Payable

Learn how to take steps towards more strategic goals that move AP beyond operational efficiency to bring broader value to your organization's financial operations.

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Integrating Trade Finance

Integrating Trade Finance and Accounts Payable Automation

This white paper will discuss the basic concepts and benefits surrounding trade finance, as well as how organizations can leverage accounts payable automation and payment technology to achieve their cash flow and funding goals.

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[eBook] 5 Mistakes AP Departments Make (and How to Avoid Them)

Your AP department shouldn’t just be about a process. It should give your company leverage with suppliers and earn revenue for your bottom line. Your AP department might be guilty of a few of these mistakes. Let’s talk about them and how to fix them, or better yet, avoid them altogether.

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Treat yourself to sweeter AP

Treat Yourself to Sweeter AP

An old-fashioned Accounts Payable program is like a sundae without toppings. Learn how you can add additional payment types and indulge in extra revenue.

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Take your AP program to new depths

Take Your AP Program to New Depths

AP automation programs are only as successful as the amount of spend they enroll or "catch." In a sea of suppliers, is your AP provider fully rigged?

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Recorded Webinars

The Flavors of AP

The Flavors of AP

Do you feel like your current AP program isn't getting the volume you hoped for? Without disturbing your current relationship, Commerce Bank can top off your current program by enrolling some of your remaining suppliers into one of our revenue-generating payment types.

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Establish AP Program Potential

Establish AP Program Potential Using Supplier Spend Analysis

Are you leveraging all of the payment options that add revenue back to your bottom line? Unlock the potential of your AP program with a CommerceVantage® Spend Analysis. Providing insight into:

  • The importance of identifying program potential
  • Setting AP program expectations

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Understanding Supply Chain Finance

Understanding Supply Chain Finance

Take advantage of payment discounts and maintain your short term cash position, while generating new revenue for your organization. Discover how this solution can:

  • Maximize your available discounts
  • Pay suppliers early while maintaining days payable outstanding

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Utilizing Vendor Analysis

Utilizing Vendor Analysis to Develop an Effective and Profitable Payment Strategy

With so many ways to pay your vendors, it's important to develop a comprehensive payment strategy to capitalize on discounts, reduce costs, and maximize revenue, using each payment type to its utmost potential. Learn how you can help your organization:

  • Leverage process efficiencies within automation solutions
  • Analyze and segment your vendor list for maximum payment effectiveness

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The New AP Strategy

The New AP Strategy Using Each Payment Type to its Profit Potential

Capitalizing on automation efficiencies allows AP staff to devote time to more strategic and profitable activities. Learn how a well-defined payment strategy can help your organization:

  • Maximize commercial card payments and other e-payment types that generate revenue
  • Capture early payment discounts and utilize supply chain finance to earn revenue without impacting your short-term cash

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Mistakes AP Departments Make

5 Mistakes AP Departments Make

We’ve all made mistakes in accounts payable, but the biggest mistake isn’t due to human error. It’s because companies settle for a basic AP program. Are you simply maintaining your AP, instead of leveraging it? In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Common mistakes found when navigating your current AP program
  • Strategies for avoiding and overcoming AP mistakes you may encounter

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Creating a Smarter Faster Payment Experience

Creating a Smarter, Faster Payment Experience: How Saint Francis Healthcare System Evolved to an Automated Ecosystem

Hospitals are confronted with a lot of complex challenges on both sides of payments, impacting their flow of funds. Learn how back office automation can present the efficiencies you need to keep staff focused on the things that really matter to your organization – like caring for patients.

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How North Shore School District 112 Overcame Funding Woes with CommerceVantage®

“I was aware of the multiple benefits of payment automation, so I was eager to bring in a trust financial partner. It was a no brainer to reach out to my trusted source at Commerce Bank.”

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