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Automate your billing and invoicing processes.

The Integrated Receivables Invoice Payment Cloud, by CommercePayments™, is an Electronic Invoicing Presentment and Payment (EIPP) software allowing low-cost invoicing and payments, while offering your buyers an online self-service channel to review open invoices, schedule card or ACH payments, and manage disputes. With the Invoice Payment Cloud, you can address differences in buyer requirements and preferences — ranging from their preference of invoice formats to payment of choice. It provides a platform for submitting claims and remittances, all while boosting customer satisfaction through the self-service experience.

Get more value out of your AR.

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Reduction in invoicing costs through e-delivery of invoices via web portals and accounting software integrations in a wide range of formats

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Improved customer experience through flexible payment and invoicing options

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Reduction in payment processing costs with level III data processing

Invoice Payment Cloud works to lessen payment friction

  • Auto-generate and customize invoices

    Integrate with AP portals and accounting systems and automate invoice delivery through a wide range of formats including emails and electronic data interchanges (EDIs).

  • Self-service payment portal

    Address a wide range of buyer preferences by supporting global payment methods and delivering invoices through emails, e-faxes, mail and EDIs.

  • Integrate with AP portals and ERPs

    Auto-push invoices to web portals and accounting systems and track real-time invoice delivery status.

  • Simplify buyer onboarding

    Securely onboard buyers through email invites, single sign on (SSO) or self-registration so customers can schedule payments, pay installments and make partial payments.

  • Discount and dispute management

    Provide support for buyer discount strategies and address disputes in real-time.

  • Level III interchange

    Reduce card processing costs by leveraging Level III data between your ERP and merchant processor.

  • Self-service portal

    Single repository for buyers and suppliers to access current and historical invoices.


How it works

Each day your ERP system shares customer AR information with Invoice Payment Cloud, our industry-leading EIPP software. This information is loaded into Invoice Payment Cloud to present invoices to your buyers online. Buyers/brokers can log in to your business’ branded portal and make payments via card or ACH. The Invoice Payment Cloud can immediately conduct a three-way match of the payment, remittance and open AR, and then submit an enriched posting file to your business’ ERP system for reconciliation.

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