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Precision Pulley team at work

Customer insights from Precision, Inc. - Part 2

Looking at Schnucks payment system.

Schnucks makes payments more efficient.

Inside Webster Industries

Customer insights from Webster Industries.


You Need More Than Traditional Online Bill Payments

Woman shaking hands

What to consider when building a stronger virtual card program

People listening at a conference

Your Guide to Payments Conferences

Medical practitioners consulting together

Three ways to improve cash flow at your medical practice

Customer Service representative giving assistance through the phone

The undeniable value of great customer service

Accent Dental

Great word of mouth

Terry Brewick, D.D.S.

Just what the dentist ordered

Justin Schlaikjer, D.D.S.

The roots of a strong banking relationship

Scheer Dentistry  A crowning success.

Scheer Dentistry A crowning success

Kenneth Weinand, D.D.S., P.C.

Building a business a smile long

Dr. Gary Pascoe, D.M.D., P.C.

Banking on a successful move

Mechanic Working

Customer insights from Complete Mechanical Services.

Restaurant partners checking invoices and managing bills.

The best way to build a multi-layered payment strategy.

Engineer reviews blueprint with construction worker

Seizing the benefits of strong supplier relationships.

Woman writing a check

Does anyone have time for checks anymore?

Dentist shows patient x-ray of her teeth

What every dentist needs to know about financing.

Patient at the dentist.

Four questions to ask before you buy new dental equipment.

Business owner working on laptop.

Cash Flow Tips to Make Your Business Thrive.

Small business owner

How will I ever be able to retire?

Man using mobile payments.

If you're not accepting mobile payments now may be the time to start.

Businesswomen talking together in office

What your bookkeeper wishes you knew.

Lady working on the computer

Defeating double data entry.

Shot of a group of businesspeople having a discussion in an office

Pros and Cons of ESOPs

Group of people in a meeting

What to know about interest rate swaps

A merchant helping a customer

Choosing the best merchant processor for your business

Man using a computer.

How should my business be using social media

A business man using a computer.

What customer data security means to my brand

Woman using a computer

4 Cyber Security Predictions Your Business Could Face in 2019

Young man using laptop

Can your business identify a security breach within 24 hours?

Woman setting up security features on her phone

What is Cyber Insurance and is it right for my business?

Lady going over financials.

Does it really matter what accounting method I use?

Businesswoman speaking on the phone.

What questions should I ask to find the right lender?

Team looking over application with advisor.

What documentation do I need when applying for a loan?

Lady managing her business cafe

Separate your business and personal credit cards.

Businessman in office mulling over paperwork.

Important factors to consider for your business plan.

Summit Lakes Eye Care examination in progress

Summit Lakes Eye Care.
Seeing the big picture.

Woman writing goals on poster wall

Tips for setting strong strategic goals.

American Licorice

American Licorice Company. Sweet success.

ATD Tools, Inc.

ATD Tools, the right tools for the job.

Empress Express

Empire Express. Keep on truckin'.

Schnuck Markets, Inc.

Schnuck Markets. Putting customers first.

Man using mobile for payments

Digital claims payments are on the way. Are you ready?


No one is using checks anymore. Are you?

Asian man using mobile phone

Pay insurance claims digitally without switching banks.

Coffee shop business

How can I improve my credit score?

Woman processing business payments or orders

Expansion of same day ACH

Shot of businesspeople having a meeting in an office

How to deal with a leadership change at work

Business group networking

LinkedIn networking and prospecting

Maintenance worker working with cargo containers

What you need to know about tariffs

business team meeting in office

The Value of a Spend Analysis

Lady making a presentation at business meeting.

Women weigh in on Commerce ranking on Forbes’ Best Employers for Women

High school team playing basketball.

Prepaid Expense Card: It’s a win every time.

Millennials changing purchasing decisions

How millennials are changing purchasing decisions

Ebook: The 5 mistakes AP departments make and how to avoid them.

The 5 mistakes AP departments make and how to avoid them

Five reasons why it’s time to rethink the way you pay insurance claims.

Five reasons why it’s time to rethink the way you pay insurance claims

We achieved an 86.5% collection rate since the patient lending program inception [almost one year ago]. - Saint Francis Healthcare System

Creating a smarter faster payment experience

Commerce saves us up to $50,000 a year in check processing costs. - Samaritan Health Services

A healthy approach to saving

Lady giving someone a check.

Only 3 Years Left for Checks – Are You Prepared?

U.S. Real GDP

Fixed Income Commentary

Commerce eliminated the need for overtime. We never get behind now.  - Patient Financial Services senior manager

Healthcare Lockbox Automation
Helps Children's Hospital Eradicate Manual Payment Posting

Visa B2B Connect

Commerce Bank Joins Visa B2B Connect Pilot Program