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Women Weigh in on Commerce Ranking on Forbes’ Best Employers for Women

Women weigh in on Commerce ranking on Forbes’ Best Employers for Women.

Commerce Bank was named among Forbes’ first-ever ranking of Best Employers for Women. Commerce was ranked in the Top 10 for the Financial Services and Banking industry and among the Top 5 in Missouri—where most of its team members work.

The ranking is based on feedback of 40,000 Americans, including 25,000 women, working for companies with at least 1,000 employees. Female employees were asked to rank their companies on factors such as parental leave, discrimination and pay equity.

But don’t just take it from Forbes.

Commerce set out to ask its female colleagues why they consider Commerce to be a top employer for women. Here are their thoughts:

I have been with the organization 25 years and never saw myself staying one place that long. Commerce does a great job of offering programs that cater to development for career advancement. The Leadership Development series not only prepares you for success but also gives you an opportunity to build lasting relationships with people at all levels of the organization.” — Felecia Hogan, Deposit Operations Group Manager
I value Commerce’s growth opportunities for women the most. This, coupled with supportive teammates and leaders, creates an atmosphere of collaboration and appreciation. Additionally, the strong culture within Commerce provides a diverse environment and opens a world of possibilities.” — Elisha Moore, Credit Manager
I’ve worked at Commerce for 32 years and when I first started, I had a 6-month-old son, and a daughter within a couple of years. It wasn’t always easy, but I’ve had the flexibility to balance my responsibilities. That flexibility came from the people I worked with along the way. I’ve found if you explain your situation and talk about how to get work and family done, people work with you and understand it’s the relationships and culture of caring that continue to help me stay balanced with work and life in general." — Sara Foster, Executive Vice President of Talent and Corporate Administration
I truly love working at Commerce and have tremendous respect for our organization but again, feel strongly that in some large business units we have some serious work to do to be more diverse in our representation. At the end of the day, I think we all want to just be recognized as being a good hard-working part of an organization, regardless of what we look like.” — Jessica Kelley, Interest Rates Swap Manager
Being at Commerce for 17 years has given me the opportunity to see the progress in terms of women in the workforce. STEM, including our IT Department, is still a male-dominated field. While we have a way to go, our culture has allowed us to move towards a more diverse environment by hiring more female developers and being actively involved in the community with such things as KC STEM’s Girls In Tech event.” — Kacey Herrick, IT Manager
As a woman, I have never felt any less valued in our organization, whether in meetings, conferences or otherwise, my voice is heard as clearly as the person next to me. I can confidently say that we value all voices and acknowledge the areas in which we have room to grow. One of the ways we try to grow is through our resource group, R.I.S.E. Knowing that there is a specific group set aside for the betterment and support of women has provided me with a sense of pride when saying I work for Commerce Bank.” — Shannon O’Heron, Inclusion, Diversity and Talent Development Consultant
The culture-shaping that has taken place has made a huge effect on making Commerce a great place for women to work. The EDGE concept of “it takes all styles” to make a successful team, our on-going Inclusion and Diversity efforts, plus R.I.S.E., are concrete examples of support for women at Commerce. When you have a diverse and inclusive culture, you have something to offer everyone. This yields the engagement and enablement that inspires me—and others—to contribute to our long-term success.” — Raquel Mosby, Contact Center Manager
Commerce promotes a culture of inclusion, engagement and development. Not only does this help drive phenomenal results for the bank, it creates a great place for women to work.” — Jennifer Upton, Manager of Corporate Strategy and Innovation

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