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Kenneth Weinand, D.D.S., P.C.

Building a business a smile long

Kenneth Weinand, D.D.S., P.C.
Building a business a smile long.

Kenneth Weinand, D.D.S., P.C.
Independence, MO

After graduating from dental school in 1977, Dr. Kenneth Weinand was eager to open his own dental practice in Independence, Missouri. But that would take money — $30,500, to be exact — including funds to cover his first month’s salary.

Not sure where to turn, Dr. Weinand met with a local banker. “After explaining my situation, I was asked how much I wanted to borrow, how long I would need to pay it back and when I would like to get started,” he recalls. “My problem was solved. Back then, it was just that easy.” That bank, it turned out, would later be acquired by Commerce Bank, which has been Dr. Weinand’s “financial problem-solver” ever since.

“To gain a patient’s trust, you’ve got to focus on what each one needs and do your best work. Because of the great advice and service Commerce provides, I am able to do just that.”
“I love being a dentist and taking care of my patients,” says Dr. Weinand. “But we’re a small company, and we have a lot of money coming in and going out each day. Commerce Bank has been very helpful, providing whatever we have needed through the years to keep our business running smoothly.”

That has included everything from a line of credit that could be tapped when slower-than-expected patient payments created a dip in cash flow, to a remote deposit service that enables his wife, Alice, to deposit checks from the office.

Such technologies are nice, Alice says. But she still prefers to visit their local Commerce branch whenever possible. “I like having a relationship with our bankers,” she says. “If there is ever an issue, they know us and go over and above the call of duty to take care of us.”

“We appreciate the relationship we’ve developed with the people at Commerce,” adds Dr. Weinand. “They are one of the reasons we’re still going strong after all these years.”

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