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Accent Dental

Great word of mouth

Accent Dental
Great word of mouth.

Accent Dental
St. Louis, MO

When the owner of a small, family oriented dental practice decided to sell, it left two dentists with a dilemma. Drs. Michael Todd and Kristiane Naegler wanted to continue working in Columbia, Missouri, but their futures were uncertain. However, they saw an opportunity.

They contemplated purchasing the practice, which consisted of only seven employees, but its limited revenue meant they’d need a loan to grow the business. They shopped the market for the best loan percentage and term, but most importantly, they were searching for a bank that believed in their vision and the practice’s potential.

When it comes to great service, Commerce knows the drill. Commerce continually beat the competition and offered superior products.

After meeting with several banks, both large and small, they found that Commerce Bank checked all their boxes. Today, that small-town practice has grown into Accent Dental.

Dr. Naegler recalls, “Commerce’s small-town feel was immediately apparent – the tellers at the bank know me by name. Additionally, the terms of the loan enabled us to make capital contributions toward the practice and ultimately grow our patient base, increasing our profitability.”

The doctors were so happy with the service on their business account that they chose to move their personal accounts, and their families’ accounts, to Commerce Bank.

Accent Dental has now expanded to three locations and is taking a bite out of the St. Louis market. Dr. Naegler shared, “The road wasn’t easy and we continued to look at other banks through the expansion process, but Commerce continually beat the competition and offered superior products.”

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