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The Meierotto Jewelers building

A Cut Above the Rest

A Cut Above
the Rest

Meierotto Jewelers
Kansas City, MO

Theodore Meierotto knows a sincere, genuine relationship when he sees one. As a manager of Meierotto Jewelers, a leading full-service jewelry store in Kansas City, his customers trust his business with many of life’s most important moments. It’s only fitting that he would want to secure a financial affiliation with a company of the same integrity.

“A payment is not just a transaction to us – it’s a measure of trust.”

“Customer support is extremely important to our business, and we pride ourselves on being able to meet the unique needs of each customer,” said Theodore. “All situations are different, so we need to maintain a flexible approach to handling every purchase and every payment.”

He found that Commerce Bank mimicked his client-centered philosophy. Just like Meierotto, Commerce works with each merchant individually and never suggests a one-size-fits all solution. “When selecting a card processing partner, we contacted several providers and none were able or willing to meet our needs. Commerce was eager to work with us and has provided top notch service for our merchant account,” Theodore shared.

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Speaking of service, Theodore went on to say, “Dealing in a high-ticket industry, we take extreme caution against fraudsters, therefore a quick adoption to EMV technology was imperative. We also required a custom solution that integrated our fraud screening with our payment processing. When we were on-boarded, Commerce solved for our needs and created a seamless overall experience. We really benefited from this kind of forward thinking, and it’s good to know that Commerce won’t back down from a challenge.”

And Commerce continues that high level of service level even after the sale. Theodore said, “As we continue to expand our business, we look forward to having Commerce Bank grow with us.”

That certainly has a nice ring to it.

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