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ATD Tools, Inc.

ATD Tools, the right tools for the job.

ATD Tools, Inc.

The right tools for the job.

ATD Tools, Inc. - Wentzville, Missouri
Providing Professional Automotive Tools and Equipment at a Competitive Price Since 1977

Wentzville-based ATD Tools, Inc. assumed their local bank was the right one for them, until their international business started growing. As it turned out, their bank didn’t even have an International Department. On top of that, the bank started raising their fees.

The executives at ATD were uncomfortable with their bank’s understanding of their business and weren’t confident that it could handle their growing needs. They knew they needed more than just a bank—they needed a financial partner.

Fortunately, they answered Commerce Bank’s call. Commerce took the time to get to know the details of their business—who their customers were, how the selling process worked, their opportunities, risks, and most importantly, their cash flow cycle.

After learning about their industry and business model, Commerce matched ATD with International and Cash Management solutions that fit  their business and helped them manage their growth more effectively. 

Now, as ATD continues to expand, they know that Commerce Bank can handle their challenges. ATD is preparing for a brand new office expansion in the coming months, with financing courtesy of Commerce Bank. 

“Commerce has made it easy to expand and keep going strong. They provide ongoing suggestions and creative solutions that save time and increase efficiency. The personal attention that  Commerce gives ATD makes us feel more like a partner than just a customer. And it’s the reason I moved all of my business to Commerce.” –Mike Green, Controller