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The Value of a Spend Analysis

The Value of a Spend Analysis

Apathetic about accounts payable? It’s costing you more than the total on the invoice. A great accounts payable (AP) department has strategies behind when and how it pays suppliers. Strategies that simplify processes, cut costs and earn maximum revenue.

Before you can establish those strategies, you need a thorough analysis of the payments you’re making. An objective overall view of your AP is important because it will show you how much revenue you’ve missed over the years and which costs you can cut. That’s where we come in.

At Commerce Bank, we offer a complimentary Spend Analytics service to any organization that needs more insight into their payments. Using our proprietary information and years of enrollment experience, we compare your 12-month spend file to our extensive supplier network to forecast your savings and revenue with a CommercePayments® solution.

Under-promise and over-deliver.

It’s a habit we won’t break. The best part about a Commerce Bank Spend Analysis is that it’s realistic. We take a conservative approach to our enrollment numbers so you can have a reliable expectation before you sign the dotted line. Then, our in-house enrollment team will work on your behalf to reach those targeted enrollment numbers. They enroll 103% more spend on average than what’s initially projected.

Simple and strategic.

Our final Spend Analysis is easy to read on your own, but we won’t make you do that. We’ll walk you through the numbers one-by-one and explain the results. Ask the tough questions; we’re up to the challenge.

Get started.

Gather your AP spending data from the last 12 months and give us a call. We’ll help you get strategic with your payments and bring the best out of your AP.

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