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Create the time your clients deserve

Feller Financial Solutions, Inc | Overland Park, KS
Mike Feller, owner of Feller Financial Solutions, Inc., has been providing accounting, payroll processing and other financial consultation services to his customers for nearly 20 years. And while he has created many efficiencies for his clients, the one thing he was not able to create, until recently, was more time for himself.

“Billing and collecting payments used to take up a sizeable portion of my day. And while this is a very necessary part of my responsibilities, I’d rather be focused on helping my clients achieve their financial goals,” said Mike.

“My banker and I were discussing some of my day-to-day processes and I mentioned that what I had been using for billing and collection was too complicated and expensive for my business. He had an alternative in mind which has since benefited my company greatly,” Mike mentioned.

That alternative was CashFlow Complete. Through automated invoicing, payment tracking and accounting software integration, CashFlow Complete simplified some of Mike’s daily tasks, freeing up more time to devote to his clients. It transformed paper-intensive, time-consuming, manual processes into more secure and streamlined methods. And by eliminating the stacks of paper and automating his approvals workflow, he is now able to get paid faster via ACH and card.

“I also find great value in the ability to sync CashFlow Complete with my QuickBooks™ software. It now takes literally just minutes what used to take me hours. Plus, we’ve eliminated the need for frequent redo’s,” said Mike. “I now invoice my clients within QuickBooks, and then after it syncs with CashFlow Complete, their accounts are automatically drafted for payment on designated dates. Receipt of the payment is then automatically applied in my QuickBooks, which previously was another manual process that had to be done individually.”

CashFlow Complete provides a competitive advantage to companies like Feller Financial Solutions Inc. by reinventing their back office so they can reinvest time, money and other resources back into their business.

“And best of all – my clients like it.”

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