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Lean Kitchen

Keep it Lean

Lean Kitchen, a nutrition-based meal preparation company started in St. Joseph, Missouri, was created to help customers commit to healthy eating.

The owner, Austin Evans, was already a Commerce Bank banking customer, but they were cycling through different merchant services providers for their four locations. After being unsatisfied with inadequate service and exorbitant fees, Austin turned to his trusted bank, “Commerce took a look at my business statements and showed me how they could save me money. That simplicity, on top of being a bank that had provided me with good service in the past, made the decision to switch easy.”

Lean Kitchen uses Clover, a customizable point-of-sale system that doesn’t require a full computer or terminal. “Clover is very simple to use, so training my employees takes much less time. I love the apps that Clover offers as well as the reporting functions,” Austin says. Speed, ease-of-use and transparency from Commerce have been key while Austin and his partner work to grow the business.

“Commerce does the simple things right. In the past, I worked with another bank that would frequently cause delays in what seemed like every possible thing. This has not been the case working with Commerce. I have had excellent service, and I especially appreciate being able to call my Commerce Bank contact. One of the many perks of Commerce being a smaller bank is the more direct relationships you can build.”

- Austin Evans, Founder & CEO

Clover’s intuitive features and apps help Lean Kitchen Company track profits, performance and revenue with just a few clicks. This, along with Commerce’s knack for personal service, have set Lean Kitchen up for many more years of growth and success.

We are honored to help keep Lean Kitchen Company’s bottom line as healthy as their meals.

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