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Riback/Plumb Supply Building

Fixing the Leak

Riback/Plumb Supply
Columbia, MO

Every business takes a leap of faith when starting out. But before that leap was taken, there was likely a passion that burned inside someone. Often times, it’s a passion to improve the current industry. Or perhaps, there was a really good idea that makes life better for others. Maybe it was a commitment to supporting the local community.

Sometimes, it’s all three.

These are just a few of the parallels that can be drawn between Riback/Plumb Supply, one of the leading wholesale distributors for residential and commercial plumbing and HVAC supplies in the country, and Commerce Bank. However, the most important link between the two companies is the emphasis that they place on their customers.

“Attention to customer service is a huge part of our business and is something we look for in our business partners. Commerce has always handled our questions immediately to keep us up and running,” said Cherie Coleman, Controller of Riback/Plumb Supply. “One reason we chose Commerce to be our merchant processor was due to their local presence. We have a number of folks that are always available to help us with anything we need. And with data security being of the utmost importance to us, it’s nice to have a local person we can call or drop-in on to address any concerns, such as PCI compliance and the safety of our cardholders’ data.”

“We appreciate that Commerce isn’t just reactive. Our account manager analyzes our business every year to see what improvements we can make and where we can save money. We are able to incorporate the cost savings into our customer pricing,” Cherie noted.

Take the plunge and contact Commerce Bank to help seal up your merchant processing.

“I would highly recommend Commerce Bank. While their rates are competitive, we marvel at their support. It really is the deciding factor for us continuing, and hopefully, expanding our relationship with them in the future.”
Cheri Coleman

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