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Commerce Bank Culture

Our Culture

Be Your Best Self at Work.

Forbes 2019 America's Best Mid-Size Employers

Creating an award-winning culture doesn’t come easy. But after a century and a half, we know Commerce Bank is only at its best when our people are. We’ve thoughtfully evolved our culture to develop our people. We turn our values into action with tangible behaviors and concepts our team members live each day. By showing how to bring our culture to life, you’ll see it in action in how we work, communicate and collaborate.

Work just feels better when we’re at our best. That’s why culture is more than a buzzword at Commerce; it’s something real you can feel. Are you ready to be at your best?

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“What defines us is our culture. It’s how we communicate and how we work together.  Culture is the foundation and the enabler for all strategies. And over the long term, I fully believe that culture is the single biggest determinant of our success as an institution and as a team.  It’s our ultimate competitive advantage. “ —John Kemper, President and CEO
A Culture based on Values

We have a Long-Term View
At Commerce, we look beyond short-term gain and invest in our people, products and technology for the long-term.

We collaborate as One team We celebrate our colleagues’ diverse talents and perspectives and use them to make us stronger.

We act with Integrity We are committed to doing what’s right, not just what’s most profitable.

We are Customer Focused We build long term, valuable relationships with our customers.

We strive for Excellence We continuously measure and improve our performance.

image Community grounded.

We’re only as strong as the communities we serve and giving back to our communities is a central part of who we are. At Commerce, you can expect to see teammates:

  • Volunteering. From festivals to food drives, Commerce team members are active in our communities.
  • Supporting. Our team members rally around donation campaigns—like the United Way—by developing events, creative   fundraisers and volunteer days.
  • Serving. Through regular outreach, we keep community needs in mind as we develop new products.

Learn More about Commerce Bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility

Driven by our differences.

Bringing in diverse perspectives isn’t just good for our people, it’s good for our business. That’s why inclusion is a strategic part of Commerce. We bring it to the forefront through:

  • Inclusion and Diversity Councils
  • Observing cultural heritage months
  • A strategic plan to build awareness and accountability
  • Community partnerships to advance inclusive efforts
  • Employee resource groups that enable you to grow as a professional and connect with others who share similar backgrounds and experiences

Learn More about Inclusion and Diversity at Commerce

Innovating for tomorrow.  At Commerce, being innovative means we are:      Willing to take measured risks     Proactively adapting to meet our customers’ changing needs     Remaining agile in response to a changing world

With a culture designed to embrace and inspire innovation, it’s no surprise our team members have broken through new barriers and achieved great results. At Commerce, we have a deep appreciation for diverse perspectives and are open to new ideas for improving our business.

Innovation has been a part of who we are since the beginning. Whether it’s the next big breakthrough idea or small changes that improve our daily work, Commerce brings new ideas to life through partnerships with tech accelerators, internal Hackathons and workshops.

Growing future leaders.

Our people are our biggest investment. We take growing talent seriously. With a corporate wide development program, job shadowing and specialized leadership programs, your career goals are within reach. Learn More.

     Focus on anticipating and exceeding our customers’ needs     Work together and harness the power of collaborative teams     Rapidly deliver solutions with a bias towards action     Manage uncertainty through iteration, learning, and adaptation

Staying AGILE.

We’re proud to be an AGILE company. AGILE gives us a dynamic ability to sense, create and respond to change,
quickly and confidently, in order to continuously deliver value to our customers.