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Developer Careers

Developer Acceleration Program

Put Your Developer Career on the Fast Track

If you’re an up and coming player in the IT world, we should talk. Our Developer Acceleration Program is a great opportunity to build your career and learn the technologies that interest you most. This full-time position will give you experience with multiple technologies, delivery methods and operational functions. Every five months, your assignment and work group will rotate to give you a broad range of IT exposure. You’ll learn enterprise IT, end-to-end and more. Basically, you’ll get to work on some cool stuff.
We’re proud of our IT department because it directly contributes to the success of the bank. They design, develop and implement software products that help our customers handle life’s financial challenges. They also support bank-wide applications, maintain a secure network and have a project management group that keeps everyone moving in the same direction. In other words, they’re really important contributors. Here’s how the program works:

First 3 Months - Learning the Ropes

We start onboarding you into Commerce by teaming you up with three other DAP members that will create your class.  Your class will learn from Commerce subject matter experts and a team mentor.  You’ll learn different software development lifecycles and technologies hands on by developing an application from requirements gathering to launch for one of our business units.

I have gone from working as a teller, to having an IT Internship, then into DAP.  I’m currently in on boarding and am enjoying working on our project with other DAP members.  Commerce loves to see you succeed and there are many opportunities for advancement!

Lincoln B.

Next 15 Months - Rotate, Rotate, Rotate

For the next 15 months you’ll learn more about Commerce’s different products, teams and technologies. Every 5 months, you’ll rotate to a new team and assignment and learn something new. Best of all, we let you build your rotation around the subjects that interest you most.

At the beginning, I had no idea where I wanted to be.  Going through the rotations I had the opportunity to view a variety of career paths I could take at Commerce Bank.  Meeting so many different people and groups has made this a great learning experience.

Marie H.

Next Up - A Promotion

When you successfully complete the program, you’ll immediately get a promotion. How cool is that?! We’ll take a look at the things you like best and the things the bank needs most and put you on a development team that makes the most of both.

I was immediately made to feel welcome, valuable, and challenged. DAP helped me become a better professional, and built the type of professional foundation that will support me through my entire career.

Frank C.
Where do you sign up? Glad you asked.

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