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Supplier Diversity

Even Our Suppliers are Diverse

We’re serious about promoting diversity both inside our own walls and throughout the community. That’s why we actively seek suppliers who are certified minority and woman owned business enterprises (MWOBE) as well as certified veteran and Lesbian Gay Bi-Sexual Transgender (LGBT) businesses. We want to help identify opportunities for diverse suppliers to join in our competitive bid process and know they will have the same chance as other bidders. 

What We Buy

Our purchasing needs vary from location to location, but these are some of the most common things we buy: Building Services, Landscaping Services, Office Supplies and Printing Services, Technology Services and Supplies.  Before you bid, be aware that we have very high standards for our organization and the products and services we offer.  We expect those same high standards from our suppliers.  

If you can provide high quality products while helping us find ways to lower our costs, this could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Are You An Eligible Supplier?

To qualify for our Supplier Diversity Program, a company must be certified and operated by one or more of the following:

You Can Register Here

Just click the link below and you can register to be added to Commerce Bank’s supplier database. Registration is not a guarantee of future business, but your company’s information will be kept on file for one year following your registration. (Don’t forget to re-register after a year).

We’ll contact you if an opportunity comes up.  Hope to work with you soon.