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Credit Risk Cloud

Automate your credit management process.

Credit Risk Cloud streamlines credit management to achieve proactive, agile and efficient risk management operations. It grants suppliers the ability to automate the credit application and periodic review process, while allowing the supplier to maintain control of credit approval requirements. Credit Risk Cloud gives your credit department better visibility into the overall risk exposure of your customer portfolios. Your credit teams can leverage actionable insights based on real-time customer credit data, macroeconomic fluctuations and payment trends to arrive at accurate credit decisions.

Credit Risk Cloud enables automated credit risk evaluation and credit scoring to standardize the credit approval process and enable credit teams to make faster and more accurate credit decisions.

With ready-to-use credit application templates, integration with credit agencies and automated credit scoring models — configured based on the industry-specific best practices — fast-track your credit management process for new businesses and streamline periodic reviews. Free up your analysts’ time with workflows and automated correspondence for internal and external collaboration. Enable centralized access to all credit information for high-yield decision making, compliance and eliminating paper costs with electronic storage.

Get more value out of your AR.

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    Enable faster customer onboarding and reduce operating costs with online credit application

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    Get visibility into fluid market trends and real-time risks across customers

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    Streamline your credit management process with automated credit scoring


  • Online credit application – Auto-embed the online credit application to your website and auto-capture financials and personal guarantees.
  • Automated credit scoring – Receive proactive credit reviews through automated scoring suggestions using credit data auto-aggregated from agencies.
  • Reporting and analytics – Gain insight with a robust library of on-demand reporting and analytics.

How it works

Each day your ERP system shares customer AR information with Credit Risk Cloud, our industry-leading credit software. Credit Risk Cloud then aggregates data from credit agencies, public financials, credit insurance, etc. The data can then be leveraged in Credit Cloud to provide automation in credit application scoring and periodic reviews.

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