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e-Invoicing and Collections Cloud

Optimize collection activities to enable faster and more efficient accounts receivable processes.

e-Invoicing and Collections Cloud enables improved accounts receivable (AR) team member efficiency, minimized write-offs, reduced Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), and low-cost invoicing and payments via ACH and credit cards.

From a prioritized worklist driven by pioneering collections strategies, to readily available backup information and automated correspondence, your team can contact more accounts and centrally track collections activities for proactive review and follow-up.

Enable electronic invoicing through emails or push invoices into popular accounting software and minimize paper invoicing costs. Empower customers with a self-service portal and ensure the availability of multiple payment options.

Get more value out of your AR.

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    Payments made easier with faster, frictionless e-payments

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    Automate your account prioritization based on industry-specific best practices

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    Streamline your collections outreach on delinquent AR

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    Enable e-invoicing to send invoices and track delivery

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    Enhance agent efficiency, freeing up time to focus on higher-value activities

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    Reduce past-due AR, DSO, bad debt, paper invoicing and operating costs


  • Worklists – Prioritize collections worklist based on industry-specific best practices.
  • Invoicing across emails and portals – Automated invoice delivery via email or send directly to web portals.
  • Self-service customer portals – View invoices, make payments and raise disputes.
  • Automated communication – Native voice-over-internet protocol (VOIP) and automated correspondence.

How it works

e-Invoicing Cloud

Each day your ERP system shares customer AR information with the e-Invoicing Cloud. This information is loaded into e-Invoicing Cloud to present invoices to your buyers online. Buyers/brokers can log in to your business’ branded portal and make payments via card or ACH. e-Invoicing Cloud can immediately conduct a three-way match of the payment, remittance and open AR, and then submit an enriched posting file to your ERP system for reconciliation.

Collections Cloud

Each day your ERP system shares customer AR information with Collections Cloud. Collections Cloud reviews aging tables and payment trends to create a prioritized worklist for your collections team. Collections Cloud can complete automated correspondence, log calls and notes, track payment commitments and manage reminders to follow up with buyers.

Discover what CommercePayments® Integrated Receivables can do for your business.

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