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Healthcare insight with financial foresight. CommerceHealthcare(TM)

What is CommerceHealthcare™?

CommerceHealthcare™ is a team of healthcare cash flow specialists with their pulse on the evolving healthcare world.  We understand that to deliver the best care, you need a strategically-minded provider that delivers financial results.

Revenue Cycle

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Reduce manual insurance claim processing activities and offer patient financing.


“We’ve achieved a 99 percent conversion rate of paper EOBs to ERAs.” – Patient Financial Services Manager, Midwest children’s hospital

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Cash Flow 

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Simplify revenue, improve financial efficiency and reduce expenses while determining your position.


“We achieved an 86.5 percent collection rate since the patient lending program inception [almost one year ago].” - Accounting Manager, Saint Francis Health System

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We help make the financial process easier so you can focus on your day-to-day activities.


“A zero-interest loan is not a product you find many places. But Commerce understood patient needs and developed a truly humanitarian solution that helps ease their minds and support their recovery.” – Director of Treasury Services, Mercy Health

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Money Management 

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Analyzing risk and reward and investing for a healthcare organization’s complex needs.

Track bank balances and open receivables, report on purchasing information and get help with administrative accounting.

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Reduce exposure to counterfeit checks, unauthorized transfers, forgeries and more with our fraud prevention tools.

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Support for specialty care

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We know how important it is to support all kinds of health, so we have options for dentists, optometrists and more.  Even if your clients are a little on the furry side, our veterinary solutions could be just what the doctor ordered.

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