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  • Smart ways to cut costs not fun in retirement.

    You’ve worked hard and now’s the time to enjoy your retirement. Living on a fixed income can mean you’re balancing your budget and your lifestyle. Fortunately there are easy ways you can reduce monthly expenses to save – and do – more.

  • Crushing on a house? How to tell if it's true love.

    It was love at first sight, but how can you be sure a house is the right one for you? Don’t fret – we’ve put together a list of questions to ask to determine if this house could be your home.

  • Tired of hearing "What's for dinner?" Try meal planning.

    Say goodbye to drive-thrus and frozen pizzas. Meal planning is a great way to ease the stress of cooking at home, and it also saves you time and money. Here are five reasons to consider trying meal planning this year.