1. To be eligible for Commerce ID Recover, you must have a Commerce personal checking account, reside in the United States or its territories, and be a legal adult in your state of residence. The Service also applies to the spouse or domestic partner (where domestic partner is defined as any person living in a legally recognized domestic partnership with Customer), dependent children under the age of 21 who live with the Customer and dependent children under the age of 25 who are full-time students, as determined by IRS dependency requirements.

  2. Identity Theft Event means the use of Customer's name, address, Social Security number, bank or credit card account number, or other identifying information without Customer's knowledge to commit fraud or other crimes.

  3. Identity Theft Expenses are (1) Legal expenses: reasonable and necessary attorney fees or court costs associated with defending any suit brought against you by merchants, financial institutions or other credit grantors, or their collection agencies, or the removal of any criminal or civil judgment wrongly entered against you as a result of identity theft; (2) Lost wages up to $500 per week, maximum four weeks: actual U.S. wages or salary you lose as a direct result of time off work taken by you to report or address the effects of identity theft; and (3) Miscellaneous: loan applications fees, long distance telephone costs, mailing and postage costs, costs of having affidavits or other documents notarized as a result of identity theft and costs to purchase up to four credit reports from any of the three major credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax or TransUnion). The credit reports may be purchased only after the identity theft has occurred and for the purpose of correcting inaccuracies that occur as a result of identity theft. There are certain fees and costs not considered to be Identity Theft Expenses. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for details and Exclusion. Identity Theft Insurance underwritten by insurance company subsidiaries or affiliates of American International Group, Inc. The description herein is a summary and intended for informational purposes only and does not include all terms, conditions and exclusions of the policies described. Please refer to the actual policies for terms, conditions, and exclusions of coverage. Coverage may not be available in all jurisdictions.

  4. Limited Power of Attorney advocacy not available to residents in the State of New York, all other services are available to New York residents.