Any Cash Advance of $2,000 or more (an "Installment Draw") has a required minimum monthly payment ("Minimum Installment Draw Payment"). The Minimum Installment Draw Payment is calculated based on the monthly payment amount required to pay off the Installment Draw in 48 months at the interest rate in effect at the time of the Installment Draw.

The Minimum Installment Draw Payment remains the same for 48 months. The applicable periodic interest rate is a variable rate. If the interest rate increases during the repayment period, and you make only the Minimum Installment Draw Payment, the Installment Draw will not be repaid within the 48 month period. If the interest rate decreases, the Installment Draw will be repaid sooner than the 48 month period. In the event that the Installment Draw is not repaid during the 48 month period, the remaining balance will be repaid in accordance with the terms applicable to Cash Advances of less than $2000.

Cash Advances of less than $2,000 do not have a required installment repayment amount calculated over a term of 48 months. These advances are part of a Revolving Balance, which is repaid in accordance with monthly minimum payment requirements described in the ReadyLine of Credit Agreement.