toggle® Terms & Conditions

Commerce may add toggle® to any Qualified Commerce Visa or MasterCard Credit Card Account.

Demand Deposit Account

You may link up to two (2) DDAs to Your Qualified Commerce Credit Card Account for the use of the toggle® payment feature.

If You link a Commerce DDA to Your Account, that DDA must be an open checking account. You must have an ownership relationship to that DDA in order to link it to Your credit card Account. Any person using the Account and/or related Card(s) with the expressed or implied permission of any of the applicants ("Authorized Users") will have access to the linked DDA through the use of Your Account.

Any DDA that has been designated by Commerce as having a garnishment, a closed-to-posting restriction, or has been forced to close by Commerce, will not be eligible to link to Your Account for the purpose of the toggle® payment feature. Small Business banking accounts will not be eligible to link to Your Account for the purpose of the toggle® payment feature. If You link a non-Commerce DDA to Your Account, You must provide Commerce with the account number and the routing information for that financial institution. Certain transaction restrictions may apply to such non-Commerce DDAs. Please refer to such bank's terms and conditions of Your DDA for applicable fees, restrictions and/or limitations of Your DDA.

Payment Preferences

"Payment Preferences" means the selection of a category, setting and/or amount you choose to determine if a credit card purchase is to be paid for from your linked DDA or if it is to remain a part of your credit card balance.

Pay Now®

"Pay Now®" means a credit card purchase that will be automatically paid for from Your DDA according to Your Payment Preferences. Any purchase made by You or an Authorized User with Your Account, will be paid for from the DDA that has been linked to Your Account, and in accordance with the Payment Preferences that have been selected by the applicants of the Account.

When a toggle® credit is posted to your Account, we reserve the right to place a temporary hold on the available credit created by the toggle® credit. toggle® does not, nor is it intended to, shorten the time-frame in which your available credit is replenished after a payment to your Account.

Purchases may take 1-2 business days to post to Your Account following the date of Purchase. After the Purchase has posted to Your Account, an ACH may take 1-2 business days to appear as a debit on Your DDA.

Payments are not applied to the required minimum payment due on Your Statement each month. You will still have a required minimum payment due each month, which will appear on Your Statement and will be subject to the terms of Your cardholder agreement.

Pay Later

"Pay Later" means any Purchase that is made with Your Account that will not be automatically paid for from a DDA, and will become a part of your outstanding credit card balance.

You may choose to use the Pay Later feature for Your Purchases by choosing not to activate a specific Payment Preference, by deactivating a previously chosen Payment Preference, by cancellation of a linked DDA, or by the cancellation of the toggle® payment feature from Your credit card Account.


"Unwind®" means the ability to return funds that were used to pay for a Purchase from Your DDA with the Pay Now® feature, and to have the original Purchase placed back on to Your Account.

You will have up to 30 calendar days to use the Unwind® feature for a Pay Now® feature Purchase. When the Purchase posts back to Your Account, it will post with the original transaction date, and will be subject to interest charges according to the terms of Your Cardholder Agreement. We reserve the right to limit the total amount of your Unwind® feature requests from exceeding the available credit for Your Account.

toggle On Demand

"toggle On Demand" means any credit card purchase that You manually choose to be paid from either Your DDA or reward points after the transaction posts to Your Account.

ACH Returns

If an ACH payment request is returned for any reason, the original Purchase that initiated that ACH payment request will be posted back to Your Account, and will be due according to the terms of Your Cardholder Agreement.

An ACH return for any reason will result in the deactivation of any active Payment Preferences for the DDA that caused the return, and any other DDA that might share an active Payment Preference. Your Payment Preferences will remain deactivated until such time that you re-activate Your Payment Preferences.

If Your Payment Preferences are not active, any pending and future Purchases that previously matched that Payment Preference, will post to Your Account and will not initiate an ACH payment request. These Purchases will become a part of your outstanding credit card balance with Commerce, and will be due according to the terms of Your Cardholder Agreement.

If You have linked a Commerce DDA to Your Account, any ACH payment request that would result in an overdraft of Your DDA will be returned to Your Account, and no overdraft or insufficient funds fees will be assessed to You. If you have linked a non-Commerce DDA to Your Account, You may be assessed overdraft and/or insufficient funds fees according to that financial institution's deposit agreement.

toggle® Alerts

Commerce will use the email address provided by You at the time of the Account(s) or Card(s) opening to notify you of important changes in regards to the toggle® payment feature for Your Account. You will not be able to turn off these notifications. You agree that You are responsible for maintaining a valid email address and agree to notify us of any change in Your email address. You can change the email address for account notification at any time through Commerce Online Banking. Should delivery of the account notification be unsuccessful, it remains Your responsibility to monitor Your toggle® Payment Preferences in a timely manner from Commerce Online Banking.

General Terms & Conditions

You must be enrolled in a Commerce Rewards Program in order to receive rewards for Your Purchases.

Commerce reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to suspend, cancel or modify the toggle® payment feature at any time and for any reason and without prior notice.

Commerce reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to add, delete, change or revise these Terms and Conditions including, but not limited to, qualifications for participation in toggle®.

Commerce reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to disqualify any Accountholder from participation in toggle® in cases of actual or suspected abuse, fraud, violations of these Terms and Conditions or any actual or suspected abuse or fraud with respect to the Account or DDA.

Neither Commerce nor its third-party service providers, their respective employees, officers, affiliates or agents will be liable to You for any action or inaction any of them take or fail to take with respect to toggle® or any changes to these Terms and Conditions.

All trademarks, service marks and trade names used by Commerce for toggle®, including the toggle® design are property of Commerce. No use of these may be made without the prior written authorization of Commerce.

By using toggle® , You agree to all of the toggle® features, limitations and restrictions contained in these Terms and Conditions as well as any additional terms and conditions contained in any programs, promotions or transactions that may be offered to You from time-to-time and any terms and conditions contained in any document issued to You by Commerce.

This authorization is to remain in effect until Commerce has received electronic notice of termination from You. You may terminate toggle® electronically through Online Banking, or by contacting us at 1-800-645-2103. Your notice must be sent in such time and manner as to afford Commerce Bank a reasonable opportunity to act upon the termination (but in no event less than three business days). Commerce reserves the right to decline or cancel toggle® service at any time.