Commerce Trust Company Online Access Important Disclosures

If you are not a Commerce Trust Company Account Client, please do not enroll.

These are the Terms and Conditions of Commerce Trust Company Online Enrollment.

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The Online Account Access service materials provided through the Commerce Trust Company will include important legal information, disclosures and disclaimers. It is important that potential users carefully read this information, disclosures and disclaimers, and ask questions if all matters are not clearly understood.

One such disclosure and disclaimer concerns the security of electronic communications via the Internet. Internet and e-mail communications may not be entirely confidential in all cases. It is possible that information transmitted to Commerce Bank or others by e-mail or via the Internet may be read or obtained by other parties. Therefore, careful consideration regarding privacy issues must be given before conducting business by e-mail or via the Internet; accordingly, one must carefully consider these security issues before completing and transmitting the online enrollment form.