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#DriveUpPups going through the Commerce Bank drive-thru

Treat your pup. Help all pups.

From now until September 30, you’ll have the chance to show off your pup and help make the world a better place for pets!

Drive up.

Bring your dog when you visit your favorite Commerce drive thru and they’ll receive a special snack!

Post it.

Put your car in park and snap a pic of your pup enjoying their treat in our drive thru.

Then post it to Instagram using the hashtag #DriveUpPups and tag @commercebank.

We love all pets! Feel free to post a picture of your cat, just make sure to use the hashtag and tag us and we will count it. (We may repost your photo on our Instagram feed, other social channels or our website, too. We love when our friends visit us!)

Do some good.

For every photo posted on Instagram with our tag and hashtag, we will donate $10 to charitable organizations in our markets that make this a better world for pets (and people) to live in. (Through September 30, 2021. Up to $6,000)

Say hello to the #DriveUpPups! Won’t you come play too?

We love making new friends!

Apollo is a Chocolate Lab who comes to see us and sits all the way in the back of his mom’s SUV acting all stuck up and like he wants nothing to do with us…. Until he sees his treat. Then he hops up and sticks his head out of the window to grab it.

We also have Hanz, who is a little long haired wiener dog who will sit in the drive thru and bark the whole time you’re processing his owner’s transaction to demand your attention until he receives his treat.

Taylor Busken, Commerce Personal Banker

I also have a best buddy…Buck! He’s an old man chocolate lab who always comes to visit me. He whines in the front seat of his owner’s pick up truck until I finish the transaction and bring him out his treat bone. He passes the receipt to his owner, and then gets lots of scratches and love from me along with his milk bone.

Melissa Burrell, Commerce Branch Manager

We have a customer who comes to the drive thru every week. There have been a couple times that he has brought a cat with him and now we ask him about it every time. 😊

Alyssa McCoy, Commerce Personal Banker

We have a customer here at Kirkwood who has a Great Dane he takes with him everywhere. When the weather turned nice our customer brought out his convertible and the Great Dane was in the passenger seat with her head sticking above the windshield when she sits up!

Andrea Weber, Commerce Assistant Branch Manager

One of our bankers LOOOOOVES DOGS. She created “bark accounts” for the doggie customers. We put bones in envelopes and put the dogs’ names on them. She knew all of the dogs’ names. Now when customers come through the drive thru with their transaction, they also ask to make a withdrawal from their bark accounts. And of course the dogs now know what’s coming so they are drooling waiting for their bones to come out.

Commerce Personal Banker


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