Debit Card Account Register

Start using your register today! It's easy - use it to keep track of money going into and out of your checking account.

  • Use your register to record all account activity (deposits, withdrawals, purchases, automatic payments and transfers).
  • Subtract withdrawals from your previous balance to record the new balance.
  • Add deposits to your previous balance to record the new balance.
  • Review your transactions online or on your monthly statement. Compare the amounts with the amounts written in your account register. Check off (Check Mark) all transactions in your register that have posted to your account.

Follow this example:

Date Location Withdrawal (-) Deposit (+) Balance Check Mark
1/21 Grocery Store $57.98   $442.02  
1/27 Transfer from Savings   $200.00 $642.02  
2/3 Wireless service $48.67   $593.35  
2/6 Payday   $824.36 $1417.71  
2/15 Mortgage Payment $1087.42   $330.29  

Visit any Commerce Bank branch to obtain an Account Register today.

Visa Debit Card Tips

  • Keep your card safe! Do not allow anyone else to use your card or know your PIN number. Learn more about card security.
  • Keep in mind the available balance shown online or at the ATM may not include outstanding checks, debit card transactions, fees or unposted deposits. Only by keeping track of all your transactions in a written register can you be sure of how much is in your account.
  • The way that certain merchants request an authorization from us may temporarily affect your "available balance" for an amount slightly different than the purchase amount.


  • To send an email that contains confidential information, please visit the Secure Message Center where there are additional instructions about whether to use Secure Email or Online Banking messaging.

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