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5 ways we're committed to being a good corporate citizen.

These days, there’s plenty of discussion about whether companies are doing the right thing. We get it – you want to know you’re supporting good businesses. We agree, and that is why we have a standing commitment to being a good corporate citizen. What does that mean? We believe in enriching the lives of our customers, neighbors, shareholders and employees through our business practices. Here are five of the ways we strive to do that.

Building strong communities.
Our investment in the communities we serve spans all areas of the bank, through charitable giving by the Commerce Bancshares Foundation, volunteering and community reinvestment efforts. We support a wide range of charitable organizations, and they’re all focused on improving the lives of people in the communities where we are located. We believe everyone should have access to economic opportunities, affordable housing, education and culture. Working alongside our community partners, we are helping to build a strong future for the communities we serve.

Encouraging innovation.
At Commerce, all employees are encouraged to be innovative, no matter their role. There are many channels for pursuing new ideas, from discussing them with managers to participating in semi-annual Hackathons. Our innovation efforts are managed across three areas: incremental, significant and breakthrough. While we appreciate the value of breakthrough ideas that can transform our business and industry, we also encourage our employees to make incremental daily improvements to our processes and significant developments in our products and services.

Investing in a sustainable future.
In our branches, headquarters, operations centers and offices throughout the Midwest, we pay close attention to the impact our business has on the environment. We aim to be as efficient as possible in our use of the Earth’s resources and measure our consumption and waste each year to ensure we’re being mindful stewards.

Our Project Green committee sets goals, tracks sustainability metrics, explores new technology and fosters an eco-friendly mindset throughout the bank. In recent years, the committee has accomplished several sustainability goals, including incorporating Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) principles in all construction projects and enhancing a recycling program for all employees. In 2016, we converted exterior lights to LED bank-wide.

Fostering inclusion & diversity.
At Commerce, we recognize that diversity makes for a stronger company, and we ensure that our workplace supports all team members, helping them bring their full selves to work and seizing opportunities to succeed equally. We value, embrace and leverage the variety of perspectives that come as a result of our individual differences. These ideas help us be more innovative and make work more interesting, which, in turn, increases productivity. In addition, by building teams that are representative of our communities, we are better able to understand our customers’ needs and engage them now and into the future. In 2016, we renewed our commitment to inclusion and diversity through several ongoing initiatives, including:

Enhancing the customer experience.

When life gets messy, our customers don’t need a bank, they need an ally. They need someone who can empathize with what they’re going through and help them figure out what to do next. Our super-community model, which combines personal attention and high-quality products and services, empowers us to be that ally. Whether they’re logging in to online banking or visiting a branch, they are treated like an individual and connected to the right resources for their situation. Behind the scenes, we’re continually refining our delivery model to create a consistent, positive experience across the different ways people bank with us. In 2016, we made enhancements to several branches, our mobile app and digital banking platform for one reason: connecting with and supporting our customers.

There are many more ways we commit to being good corporate citizens. To learn about our security practices, team building initiatives and more, visit our Social Responsibility page and read the 2016-2017 Corporate Social Responsibility report.

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