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Midyear Outlook for 2019

Commerce Brokerage Services Inc

2019 Midyear Outlook

Our midyear Outlook Report provides economic and financial market perspectives for individual and institutional clients.

In this edition, timing is essential and by the time you read this, the U.S. economy may have set an historic record of longevity for an expansion cycle, passing the 10-year mark in duration. Despite this happy occurrence, some economists seem more enamored with predicting when the next recession might be. Yes, there is a reason it’s called the dismal science.

However, we’ve taken a different path in our midyear update. We don’t see a recession on the doorstep despite some recent caution lights that have temporarily flickered. If Australia can have 28 consecutive years of economic prosperity, why can’t the United States expansion climb a little higher? Our message is frankly more upbeat than some others, so we’ve entitled this issue, “The Ascent Continues.”

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