Applying is Easy

In order to complete the application process, please bring in or fax the following documents to your Commerce Bank branch.

  • If Employed, 2 most recent consecutive pay stubs
  • If Retired, proof of social security and/or pension sources
  • If Self-Employed, 2 years personal tax returns signed and dated. Note: If the preceding year's tax returns are not complete, provide the most recent Profit & Loss statement or quarterly tax return
  • Current Copy of your Home Owner's Declaration page
    • Annual Home Owners Insurance Premium $ _________(contact Insurance agent)
    • Recent Mortgage Statement (if Insurance & Taxes are escrowed)
  • Current copy of Flood Insurance Declaration page, if applicable
    • Annual Flood Insurance Premium $ _________
  • Legal Description of the property, on a copy of one of the following: Warranty Deed, Title Policy, Current Deed of Trust or Mortgage
  • Copy of Trust Agreement, if applicable
  • Your estimate of your home's market value $ _________
  • If you've recently refinanced in the past 2-3 months, please provide copies of the following:
    • Settlement Statement
    • Note
    • First Payment Letter
  • If not on the application, the legal name and address of all persons who will be on the deed to your home at the time of closing.
  • If not on the application, the legal name and address of your spouse or domestic partner. This is for purposes of naming all appropriate individuals that may be required to execute the security instrument, and will also be provided certain regulatory documents at closing

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