Order an Account Archive CD-ROM

Account Archive CD-ROM

If youíve ever spent time sorting through file folders or have lost information that was saved to your computer, the Account Archive CD-ROM is the perfect solution! Log in to Online Banking and order now.

Itís great for:

  • Sharing with your accountant, tax preparer or financial planner
  • Creating a permanent record in the event your computer ever crashes
  • Storing in a safe deposit box

With the Account Archive CD-ROM you can stay organized and eliminate clutter.

  • Digitally store up to 7 years of statements and check images in one location1
  • Easily find the information you need - searchable by month and check number
  • Available for personal checking, savings and money market accounts
  • Conveniently delivered to your address on file
  • $15 per account request2

Steps to order your Account Archive CD-ROM:

Account Archive CD-ROM Frequently Asked Questions


  1. To view or print statements and check images, you must have Adobe® Reader®. Download the latest version of Adobe® Reader®
  2. Free for the following accounts: CommerceOptionsSM Premium checking, Benefits Banking Premium checking, Private Options checking, CommerceOptionsSM Premium Money Market and CommerceOptionsSM Options Savings accounts owned by Private Options customers.
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