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  • Common Financing Needs

    You’re busy managing your business, so we’ll get right to the point. The right equipment can mean the difference between having an edge and being left behind.

  • Real Estate Loans

    When it comes to commercial real estate, having good financing is just as important as having a good location. 

  • Small Business Administration Loans

    Small businesses have long been the backbone of the American economy. Healthy businesses not only create jobs and opportunities, but are also an important part of our communities.

  • Tax-Exempt Bonds

    Manufacturers, municipalities and 501(c)3 not-for-profit organizations across the country are beginning to discover the speed, simplicity, structure, and savings of privately placed Tax-Exempt Financing through Clayton Holdings1 and Commerce Bank.

  • Term Loans

    You’ve got big plans for your business. Maybe you need to make an important purchase, acquire1 a strategic asset or invest in the future?

  • Financing

    No matter the size of your business, we've got you covered.

  • Financing Options

    Don’t let big expenses slow you down. With a variety of financing options, we have the right solution for the toughest issues facing your business.

  • Bond Financing

    You have a major construction project that needs financing. Bond financing for certain projects can be complex and expensive.

  • Industry Solutions

    The healthcare industry comes with its own unique challenges, so we build products and services made for hospitals, medical offices and small practices.

  • Healthcare Specialty 

    You treat patients. We focus on payments.