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AP Card

Lose the paper. Gain revenue.

Replace paper checks with electronic card payments and earn monthly revenue share.


No Software
Reduce Check Expenses
Monthly Revenue Share

Automate payments and earn revenue with CommerceVantage® AP Card. Our flexible card payment management program supports your automated accounts payable system and purchasing with a single application.

By converting paper-based payments, like checks, to AP Card payments, your organization can gain operational efficiencies, enhanced controls and detailed reporting.

The CommerceVantage® AP Card program works with your existing accounting system and provides an opportunity for you to create a new revenue stream for your business while reducing operating costs.

Acceptance with Flexibility

Whether your company pays suppliers on a regular schedule or needs to accommodate one-time payments and point-of-sale purchases, the CommerceVantage® AP Card program's multiple acceptance options fit your suppliers' payment needs and maximize your card volume and overall revenue share potential.

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